New West Symphony & Chorus (NWSC) launched in 2010, and is currently a vibrant music community of approximately 90 volunteer choir and orchestra members.  Under the musical direction of Henric Ideström, this group of dedicated musicians performs an average of 12 concerts per season within Calgary and area, presenting a wide variety of choral and orchestral music that ranges from sacred to classical to pop genres.

NWSC is known for its energy and professionalism, whether they are performing at a local church, a community fund-raiser or to a large audience at the Jack Singer Concert Hall.

Calgary choral concerts

Henric Ideström, Music Director

Henric is known for his ability to create art as he conducts.  He challenges his musicians – chorus and orchestra members alike – to not just sing words or play notes, but to fully connect with each song’s lyrics and notes so that the audience is able to hear, see and feel the music.

Henric joined New West Symphony & Chorus as our Music Director in 2017.  Prior to moving to Calgary, Henric lived in the New York, where he founded SymphoNYChorus.  In fact, Henric continues to be the Director of SymphoNYChorus in addition to his position with NWSC, thanks to the science of flight, an incredible level of commitment to both organizations, and an astounding amount of energy.

After receiving his Masters in Conducting from Azusa Pacific University in California, Henric was hired as the Music Director at Centre Street Church.  Prior to moving to New York, Henric was the Chair of the Arts at Rocky Mountain College in Calgary for 8 years, where he taught and mentored many music students – some of which are current members of New West Symphony & Chorus!  While at RMC, he conducted numerous productions including Night at the Oscars and Give My Regards to Broadway. 

Henric recently guest-conducted at a large youth music symposium in the United States, and has produced a number of recordings, two of which won SHAI Gospel Music Awards in 2007. He was then honored in 2008 with the Gospel Music Association’s Covenant Award for Choir Album of the Year.

Henric has led a number of group music tours in Europe, his most recent being a tour to the United Kingdom with members from both New West Symphony & Chorus and SymphoNYChorus.

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Jerry Proppe, Associate Music Director

As the Associate Music Director of New West Symphony & Chorus, Jerry’s multi-faceted musical talent is put to use.  Jerry has a special ability to help NWSC members and audience guests more fully appreciate a song when we are mindful of its history and that of the songwriter.  In addition to his ability to conduct and help people to connect more fully to our music, Jerry has also been the producer and sound engineer of New West Symphony & Chorus’ last two albums.

Jerry joined NWSC in the fall of 2021.  Prior to that, Jerry was the long-time and well-loved music pastor of Brentview Baptist Church.

Jerry has over 3 decades of musical experience, as a solo artist, musical director, recording artist and record producer.  He is a life-long learner, has a  passion for music, and has a creative mind that admired by many.

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