New West Symphony & Chorus: Our Members

COMMUNITY // “New West is phenomenal in it’s almost ‘sneaky ability’ to fill your heart with a renewed outlook on family and paying gifts forward.  I say ‘sneaky’ because I dodged joining NWSC for a year, and let my wife go ahead and join – as I honestly fear commitment of all sorts.

I’m a cautious guy, and I want to know exactly what I’m getting into. In hindsight – dodging something that spreads beauty to people who truly yearn for hope more than ever, holds little to no logic.

God is truly ‘sneaky’ in purposeful ways when you serge forward into something faithfully – expect rewarding results – our hearts need it friends. This isn’t one decision you need to wrap your head around prior to diving in. The last 2 years has fed us a lot of unknowns, but New West stands firm with its honest calling, let it become yours. You’re not alone, we’re not alone – let that sink in and jump on in. You’re ready!”

– Dustin Kerley  (Bass / Dad jokes connoisseur)

COMMUNITY // “Why I love NWSC – It is so great to accompany voices, AND to play with an orchestra. The orchestra adds SO much colour, interest and depth to the music.

There are many very talented members and the leadership is amazing! There is an atmosphere of camaraderie among the group and we really do care for and celebrate one another.

Spending time sharing music AND God’s truth with talented, loving friends is such a joy! That’s why I love NWSC.”

– Colleen Roller (Piano)

Photo by @philcrozier