New West Gives Back

Here at NWS, we believe that we are called to love the poor, the hurting, and the marginalized.

Each season we partner with local and global organizations that are making extraordinary strides in positively impacting our world. We tell the stories of change that are happening because of how YOU contribute to New West Gives Back.  We are so excited to raise awareness and support for these wonderful organizations and truly believe that with your help and God’s provision nothing is impossible!

Since we started, New West has been committed to Giving Back.  We have partnered with local and global organizations that are making extraordinary strides in positively impacting our world.  This year, we are doing something different, and we’re excited about it!

We believe that everyone should have the opportunity to experience the joy of Christmas.  This season, New West Society is hosting “New West Gifts Back” – a unique Christmas event to spread joy to Calgary individuals and families who are facing financial barriers.  This matinee concert, being held at the Jack Singer Concert Hall on Sunday, December 18, is an “invite only” event.  New West Symphony & Chorus and New West Student Ensemble will perform a variety of Christmas music, plus each guest will receive a Christmas gift-bag – all at no cost to them.

New West Society is looking for individual and corporate sponsors to help us make “New West Gifts Back” possible.

Sponsor 1 person (1 ticket/gift bag): $25.00
Sponsor a family or group of 4: $100.00

CORPORATE SPONSORS: we’re looking for organizations who want to join us to make “New West Gifts Back” a reality through financially sponsoring the costs of this event… so families and individuals in our community can experience the joy of Christmas through giving, music and song.  Want to learn more about how to be involved?  Contact Joe Essenburg, our Development Director.

Other organizations New West has supported throughout the years through New West Gives Back include:

  • Alberta Children’s Hospital
  • Gear Up for Winter
  • Calgary Pregnancy Care Centre
  • The Mustard Seed Calgary
  • Bridge House (Banff YWCA)
  • Brown Bagging for Kids in Calgary
  • HART Humanitarian Aid Response Team
  • Hospice Calgary
  • Kids Up Front
  • Mennonite Central Committee
  • Newbridge (Accessible Housing)
  • Next Step Ministries
  • Servants Anonymous

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