The New West Music Academy (NWMA), formerly known as Centre Street Music Academy, offers lessons in voice, piano, bass, cello, drums, guitar and violin.   We also offer group lessons in music exploration for individuals with special needs and group lessons for young beginners (ages 4 – 6).

In our community, we place an emphasis on the values of faithfulness, discipline, diligence, and excellence.

The teachers of NWMA value living with Christ-like behavior, and strive to be fun and inspiring to their students.  They uphold honesty and respect, and hope that their students will thrive for years to come.

To get more information about the

New West Music Academy, or to register for lessons,

please email

or call 403-300-0931.

NWMA Mission Statement:

The New West Music Academy (NWMA) is designed to prepare musicians of all ages for an appreciation of all genres of music, for personal enrichment and for service to their community.

NWMA Vision Statement:

To equip new and mature musicians to use music for the glory of God.

A huge “thanks!” to all who took part in this year’s Succulents for Spring fundraiser in support of music education.

The NWMA is based on three foundations:

  1. To train musicians in the art of playing their chosen instrument and to enable them to use their skills in a solo or group setting.
  2. Through the process of learning to master a difficult instrument, every student ultimately comes to discover and stretch their own limits, not simply as musicians, but as human beings.
  3. Through the vehicle of a beautiful and challenging instrument, NWMA teachers endeavour to guide each student toward a profound sense of ability and empowerment.


  • Desiree Arthur – piano and voice
  • Kristal Chalmers – piano
  • Gideon Choi – piano
  • Sharon Fjeldstrom – piano
  • Colin Fritzke – drums
  • Carrie-Lynn Johnstone – voice, music exploration and beginner piano
  • Milton Kim – bass & guitar
  • Jonathan Lagore – guitar
  • Melissa MacDonald – violin
  • Rachel MacDonald – cello
  • Nicole Warren – piano and voice
  • Robin Ideström – voice

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For registration information, please contact us at 403-300-0931 or email